REVA trucks and buses to follow shortly

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Reva_NXRREVA wants to license EV technology to global CV manufacturers

After trying numerous experiments with passenger cars and electric equipments, REVA is now trying its hand in electrifying the commercial vehicle business.

Similar to the GM-REVA deal, the company is in talks with global commercial vehicle manufacturers for licensing its technology and tie-ups.

REVA is said to have a fully functioning prototype of an electric bus in its facility. It is trying to transplant versions of its technology into three wheelers, buses and commercial vehicles.

Chetan Kumar Maini, deputy chairman and chief technology officer, Reva -

We are in talks with global commercial vehicle makers, including domestic CV players, for technology licensing tie-ups and expect at least five such partnerships to shape up by 2013

REVA is eying satellite plans through a franchisee model in US, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. Instead of concentrating on production in one location, REVA looks to attack key areas on globe with regional plants which will have an annual capacity of about 5,000 vehicles.

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Source - Financial Express

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