Lower Interest Rates on petrol cars offset running cost

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With petrol prices hitting the stratosphere and thereby becoming more expensive than Jet Fuel and the cost of cars running on petrol sky-rocketing as a consequence, the onus is now on diesel car manufacturers to decrease their delivery period in order to cope with the rising demand.

With the natural advantage of diesel being about 40% cheaper than petrol and about 30% more fuel-efficient also in their favour comparisons between cars running on Diesel and Petrol with cost-efficiency in focus is almost turning into a Hobson’s choice for buyers.

VW Vento top

As Maruti’s CGM (marketing) Shashank Shrivastava succintly puts it,

`Diesel cars are seeing a huge demand, much higher than we anticipated. This has almost doubled the waiting on all our diesel models in the past one month'.

But petrol car manufacturers are rising up to the challenge with automakers coming up with Cheaper interest rates as a solution, he says.

`Most petrol cars are coming with interest rates schemes which will offer you at least 2% less than their diesel counter parts. Companies like VW have slashed their interest rates to 6.99% on their petrol cars'.

According to Neeraj Garg , director, Volkswagen Sales India,

`The lower interest rate is a counter-measure to offset the higher cost of ownership of petrol cars. The scheme is into its second week and has increased footfalls in our 71 retail dealerships across the country and has also seen a higher demand for the petrol Vento'.

However, private banks and financial institutions have not reduced their rates. This specific scheme will only be applicable if you take a loan from the car maker directly.

Source - EconomicTimes.Indiatimes.com

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