New Volkswagen ID.7 Testing Almost Complete

07/04/2023 - 17:50 | Volkswagen,   | IAB Team

The countdown to the launch of the new Volkswagen ID.7 has started: the world premiere of the new all-electric ID. flagship model will take place on Monday, 17 April.

Volkswagen Id 7 Testing Front Quarter

Just under two weeks before this date, Volkswagen is now providing further details on the drive, running gear and convenience features of the saloon designed for long-distance driving. The new ID.7 will enhance the upper mid-size class in Europe, China and North America.

Volkswagen plans to increase the share of its electric models to 80 per cent in Europe by 2030. The new ID.7 is an important milestone on this path, as it is scheduled to be launched in Europe before the end of 2023.

Volkswagen Id 7 Testing Dash

The camouflaged ID.7 is still undergoing its final test drives in Alicante, Spain. The new all-electric model for long-distance driving is able to fully show off its strengths on the winding and mountainous roads in the region.

The ID.7 is the first model based on the modular electric drive (MEB) platform that has a newly developed and highly efficient drive by Volkswagen. It is the most powerful and highest-torque electric drive motor in a Volkswagen ID. model so far. The power unit with the internal designation APP550 was developed by Volkswagen Group Components in Kassel and is also produced there.

Volkswagen Id 7 Testing Rear Quarter

The new electric drive has been optimised above all in terms of energy consumption: depending on the battery size, WLTP ranges of up to 700 kilometres and charging capacities of up to 200 kW are forecast. The ID.7 thus underlines its long-distance suitability, especially for frequent drivers and fleet customers.

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