MG Hector (Chevrolet Captiva) front end installed on Chevrolet Colorado [Video]

27/04/2020 - 14:58 | ,  ,  ,   | Sagar Parikh

How frequently do you see people modifying their vehicle to look like a Chinese model? Not often, we’d guess. In Thailand, KR Shop has replaced the front end of a Chevrolet Colorado with that of the MG Hector (Chevrolet Captiva).

The Baojun 530 is sold in markets other than China with different front grilles in three versions. One is the MG Hector that is made in India. And the other two are the Wuling Almaz and the Chevrolet Captiva that are made in Indonesia. Yes, the Mk1 Chevrolet Captiva that was sold in India has been replaced in some emerging markets with a Chinese SUV. To keep things simple, we’ll continue using the Indian name in the story.

The modified Chevrolet Colorado looks sportier because of its slammed body. The MG Hector’s front end makes it look more aggressive. One would really be a true fan of the MG Hector’s face to go ahead with this modification, though. Everything from the front bumper, to the radiator grille, lower air intake and the lights would have to be taken out from the SUV and be fixed on the pickup truck to achieve this look.

2019 Chevrolet Captiva Bims 2019 Images Front
The Baojun 530 is sold in markets other than China with different front grilles under three more brands: MG, Wuling and Chevrolet.

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The mod job seen here doesn’t come cheap. Because of the extensive changes, it costs a whopping THB 1.5 lakh, which converts to INR 3,51,973.65. Like we said above, one would be a big fan of the MG Hector to go for this mod job. The modified Chevrolet Colorado seen here features the new Lenso Project D-1SZ alloy wheels that were released just last month as well. These wheels are shod with 10.5-inch tyres at the front and 12-inch wide tyres at the rear.

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