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BMW proved to India that by thinking a little bit ‘out of the Box’ one can create a product that is an absolute winner. The segment that BMW created for itself by introducing the X1 was a compact coupe-SUV.

But the Germans Auto giants are oddly like toddlers giving a class exam. What one does, the other one copies. So it was only a matter a time before Audi brought in its X1 rival – Audi Q3. Mercedes, on the other hand, is taking its sweet little time to work on its contender - Mercedes BLK.

2013 Mercedes Benz BLK rear2013 Mercedes Benz BLK front has rendered this Baby Merc up for debut in 2013-14. A lot of the design cues are similar to the Concept A-Class that was revealed earlier this year. It features have sharp angular headlamps, bold wheel arches, a coupe like roof line ending with a hatch back rear end.

Measuring around 4.40-meters, the Mercedes BLK will be built on the same MFA architecture (Mercedes Front-wheel drive architecture) which will also support the next generation A and B Class. It will most probably be powered by a four-cylinder engine mounted transversely. The power mills that are expected to be dropped are:

  • 1.8-litre petrol unit with power ranging from 168bhp - 201bhp
  • 1.6L Renault-sourced diesel engine generating 120bhp (thanks to the Daimler-Renault partnership)
  • Mercedes’s very own 2.1-litre diesel unit, with power ranging from 170bhp - 204bhp

All engines will come with a standard six-speed manual gearbox. A six-speed dual-clutch transmission may be optional on higher-end models.

Since both contenders (BMW X1 and Audi Q3) will be already present in the Indian market by the time the Mercedes BLK makes an international debut, do you think that this baby ‘Three Pointed Star’ will be able to attract customers towards itself?

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