Mercedes Benz to bring AMG models to India by December

25/11/2008 - 13:21 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja


German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz (A part of Daimler Chrysler) is planning to launch its hyper-performance AMG (Aufretch Melcher Grobaspatch) models in Indian market by the end of this year. AMG is a wing of Mercedes Benz which procures the stock cars from the parent company and customizes it, adding visual enhancements and power.

Mercedes Benz has not come out with the range of cars that it will offer, but expect the price range to begin at around Rs 1.25 crore and go all the way up to Rs 3.10 crore!

The cars will arrive in India as CBUs (Completely Built Unit) from Germany and will be delivered within 8-12 weeks to the customer after the order has been placed.

But then what about the global economic recession ?

Well, as we mentioned in the previous Porsche article, the premium car market in India has stood firm in the midst of a rapidly crumbing economy and is in fact doing very well. According to the company, Indian consumers are looking for a wider range of cars with more performance, a vacant slot which the AMG lineup will fit tightly into.

Mercedes Benz is a very popular brand all over the world, everyone knows what a Mercedes Benz performance car is capable of. Mercedes Benz has been the brand which has informed the society, it's owner's wealth and status. With the entry of the AMG cars, an individual's desire for power and performace will be showcased. It also gives the Indian customer, a chance to experience what AMG does to the stock C or E-Class.

IAB Comment- It's very nice to see such brands like M-B are considering India as an important market and introducing performance cars. All that's left to see is what happens next. We've seen enough Top Gear videos. Let's see and feel AMG in reality.

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