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The Mahindra Scorpio is only a regular seven-seater mid-size SUV here in India. However, in markets like North America and Australia, Mahindra also sells the Scorpio is a pick-up truck avatar which is literally known as the Pikup. In such markets, the Mahindra Pikup is used as a utilitarian workhorse with a traditional ladder-frame chassis and 4x4 underpinnings. Contrastingly, in India, the Scorpio is mostly seen as a people's mover. Even when Mahindra offered a 4x4 drivetrain on the Scorpio in the BS4 era, a vast majority of Scorpio buyers only bought the two-wheel-drive variants of the SUV.

Here's a review of the Mahindra Pikup by an automotive journalist in Australia. As it turns out, people in Australia are actually pretty fond of this homegrown SUV. The reviewer even addresses the Pikup as an industrial-spec SUV, although not in a negative way. The fact that Mahindra is originally a tractor-manufacturing company, the Pikup is seen tracing back its roots to Mahindra's tractors by the reviewer. It is underpinned by a robust, steel ladder-frame chassis with leaf springs for the rear suspension, all in the name of superior off-road ability and to be used as a genuine workhorse.

Mahindra Pikup
In markets like North America and Australia, Mahindra sells the Scorpio in a pick-up truck avatar.

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Heck, the Mahindra Pickup even comes equipped with an automatic locking differential in Australia. As far as the engine is concerned, the Pikup is powered by the same 2.2L mHawk diesel engine in Australia as the Scorpio is in India. The reviewer notes that the Pikup's engine is derived from the same block as a Mahindra tractor and with dual chains to drive the camshafts, this engine has an industrial-grade lifespan. He also praises the Mahindra Pikup for being built completely out of steel, which gives it a tough and robust character. He particularly seems to like the clanking of doors when they are shut, thanks to being built out of steel.

Mahindra Pikup 6
The Mahindra Pikup is widely acclaimed for its utilitarian and industrial-grade built.

Throughout this video, we can see the Mahindra Pikup doing some pretty serious off-roading and it seems to be doing that with quite some ease. What's really impressive about the Pikup is that nothing rattles, nothing thuds, even when abused harshly over difficult terrain. It is that well put together. He is also really impressed by the soft, gentle torque delivery of the engine, and referencing back to the tractor heritage, which can really be handy when off-roading. The fact of the matter is that references to Mahindra's tractor heritage should not be viewed negatively. These Australians really seem to enjoy that utilitarian approach.

Mahindra Pikup Rear 2
The Mahindra Pikup is used as a genuine workhorse for its rugged abilities.

We must also admit that the Scorpio looks pretty butch and handsome in this pickup avatar. The heavy black cladding, pronounced wheel arches, the snorkel and heavy-duty front bumper all add to its back-to-basics approach. The interior of the Pikup is similar to the India-spec Scorpio and the reviewer is particularly impressed by the space and practicality it has to offer. The bed at the rear has a payload of up to 1 tonne. That's essentially the story of the Mahindra Pikup - a practical, built-to-last, no-nonsense pickup truck that will get all your job done. We now wish Mahindra offered the Scorpio in a similar spec here in India.

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