Mahindra Bursts Myths About Cost Of Ownership - Cheaper Than You Think

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Buying a new car can be a tough decision with so many cars and manufacturers to choose from in the Indian market currently. One of the biggest factors influencing the decision is the cost of ownership of a particular vehicle. This not only includes the price of purchase, but also involves the cost of maintenance throughout the lifecycle of ownership of the vehicle. And there are several common myths and doubts with regard to the cost of maintaining your vehicle. Owning your vehicle can be more affordable than you think, particularly is it's a Mahindra . So here are five common misconceptions with regard to cost of ownership that you can save on a Mahindra vehicle.

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Owning your vehicle can be more affordable than you think, particularly is it's a Mahindra .

Myth 1 - Service Intervals

Many believe that one should get their vehicles checked up every 3-4 months but that is not always necessary. Many manufacturers recommend changing of oils and fluids based on a ‘Change by date’ basis, but you can actually run them longer. For example, in case of Mahindra vehicles, the carmaker bases their service schedule on the number of kilometers the vehicle clocks. Optimizing services this way reduces the need for unnecessary changing of oils and fluids. However, oils and fluids to deteriorate over time, and Mahindra recommends a maximum replacement time limit of 1/2/3 years, depending on the type of oil/fluid.

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Myth 2 - Is an engine oil change necessary at every service?

Engine oil changes are recommended by the oil manufacturer depending on kilometers run or a maximum time limit, whichever is earlier. However, even if your car has not run the required number of kilometers, it is recommended that you get your engine oil changed if it has already exceeded the maximum time limit. This is due to the fact that the efficiency of the oil to lubricate your engine decreases over time and changing it at specified interval helps keep the engine smooth. Such intervals should overlap with every service interval or alternate service interval, as prescribed by the manufacturer.

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Here we have addressed five common misconceptions with regard to cost of ownership that you can save on a Mahindra vehicle.

Myth 3 - Driving with windows rolled down gives better mileage

This is one of the biggest misconceptions a lot of people have. The mileage of a vehicle depends on several factors. If you are not using your AC, but driving with your windows rolled down, it might not always give you the best mileage, particularly at higher speeds. While it may still be applicable in the city, it never works on the highway. Driving with your windows rolled down increase the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle, thus reducing its mileage. When the windows are rolled up, the air flowing alongside has a smooth surface to follow, thus increasing the aerodynamic efficiency and mileage as well.

Myth 4 - Idling of engine after starting and before stopping the engine

While this is not always necessary, it depends on when you last used your vehicle. For modern turbocharged engines, the turbochargers get their lubrication oil from the engine. It may take a few seconds for the oil from the engine to reach the turbochargers when you ignite your car after an extended period of time. It is thus a good practice to wait a few seconds before putting further load on the engine. Similarly, when shutting off the engine, you can wait for a few seconds to allow the turbocharger to wind down from very high speeds. This however is not always necessary.

Myth 5 - What's the correct tire pressure for your vehicle?

The correct tire pressure for your vehicle is always what is recommended by the manufacturer. Many people over inflate their tires because the misconception is that it avoids frequent punctures. However, over inflating the tires have an adverse effect on the handling and safety aspects of the car. It also reduces the contact patch of the tire with the road which makes wear out faster. This accelerated wear and tear will then need you to change your tires more often. Tire pressures should always be kept at the recommended values to ensure maximum safety.

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