Will Vietnam be the first market for the LHD Tata Nano?

29/01/2013 - 15:36 | Tata Nano | Shrawan Raja

There's been yet another sighting of the LHD (Left Hand Drive) Tata Nano in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, these images possibly are from a local customer clinic.

Tata Nano LHD in Vietnam interior

The Nano's retailed in Sri Lanka and Nepal, so there's nothing special in spotting one outside India. What is though is these are the first images of the LHD Nano's interior from another market.

Vietnam's love affair with beige interior is not as much as India', so their Nano is stitched in black with leaf patterns in them. Another noticeable change is the hazard light switch's placement that's moved to the space between the front air-con vents. This feature was first shown at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo on the Tata Nano Concept.

Tata Nano LHD in Vietnam

The LHD Nano has the same exterior as the RHD spec. The top-end model seen here bears the same equipment as the LX model in India. It does not feature power steering or ABS brakes. Features developed for the 2012 Tata Nano such as the adjustable front headrests and redesigned wheel caps are seen on the Vietnamese model as well.

The VN Express report clarifies that the engine and transmission are same as the Indian model. There is no mention of price or a launch timetable, perhaps we could see the LHD Nano explore Vietnam before sailing away to other countries.

[Source - VNExpress.net]

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