KTM 125 Duke vs KTM RC 125 - Naked vs Faired Top-End Drag Race

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Here’s a video in which a KTM 125 Duke is put up against a KTM RC 125 for a top-end drag race. Both motorcycles are powered by the same 124.7cc single-cylinder engine that produces 14.5PS of max power and 12Nm of peak torque. However, the RC is a fully-faired motorcycle and, thus, should have an aerodynamic advantage over the naked Duke. Let’s find out who wins the race in the video below.

We can see in the footage that in the first attempt, the KTM 125 Duke gets a good launch and, hence, manages to jump ahead of its fully-faired sibling. We feel that the KTM RC 125 rider could have had a better start. He also shifts too late from 2nd to 3rd gear which causes him to lose out on crucial time. However, thanks to the aerodynamic fairing, the motorcycle gains speed relatively quicker than the naked 125 Duke.

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The KTM RC 125 continues to increase the gap from the KTM 125 Duke. While the former crosses the 125km/h mark, the latter struggles to maintain 110km/h. In the end, the RC wins the first drag race.

Ktm Rc 125 Dark Galvano Colour
KTM RC 125's full fairing gives it an aerodynamic advantage over the naked 125 Duke.

For the second attempt, the riders switch motorcycles to keep things fair and square. This time, both bikes get off the line almost at the same time. They run parallel to each other for a few seconds. However, as the speed increases and the windblast becomes more fierce, it’s the faired RC that gets ahead and takes the lead. The Duke rider tries to stay in the competition by using slipstream. He manages to close the gap and reach around 120km/h, however, as soon as he gets out of the slipstream, he falls back. The KTM RC 125 comes out to be the winner in this race, too.

This top-end drag race video shows the importance of motorcycle aerodynamics and how it can help overcome the added weight of the fairing as well as the rider. So, if you would have to buy any one of these two bikes, which one would you pick and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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