More spyshots of Kia Picanto make us believe something is fishy

02/02/2012 - 06:09 | ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

When we first spotted the Kia Picanto in India on test plates, we were excited like a six year old in a candy store. Our readers sent personal mails asking us to write to Hyundai to sell it in our market. Many of them chose the Picanto over the i10 for its looks.

Kia Picanto rear 2Kia PicantoKia Picanto rear

But we dismissed the possibility of launch thinking that the Picanto was just doing its global testing and validation in India. Its case is similar to the Renault Modus that came to India as part of its testing and validation in eight countries.

However, the Picnato spyshots just kept coming in.

Now, our friends at TeamBHP have managed to snap a few more images of the Kia Picanto in the same location (Velachery, Chennai) where we first spotted it.

It is still hard to believe that the Kia Picanto may be launched in India because there is no Kia in India. So is the brand planning an entry in the India market starting with the Picanto? Maybe. However, with Hyundai doing so well in India, I really doubt if Kia would be tempted to enter the India market.

So will the Kia Picanto be launched with a Hyundai badge? That’s a very dim possibility. There is no place for the Picanto to fit-in as Hyundai’s portfolio is so tightly knit. The next generation i10 (codename - BA), the company's next small car, isn't related to the Picanto.

So what is the Picanto doing in India? Hyundai, can you clear the cobwebs as speculation is rife?


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