Isuzu Unveils World’s First BEV Flat-Floor Route Bus

25/10/2023 - 20:04 | Isuzu,   | IAB Team

Isuzu will showcase its battery electric vehicle (BEV) flat-floor route bus, “ERGA EV,” at Japan Mobility Show 2023, which opens to the public on Saturday, October 28 (Official Opening Ceremony on Thursday, October 26).

Isuzu Erga Ev Bus

Embodying the future of public transportation, the fully flat-floor design significantly improves passenger safety and the BEV technology greatly reduces environmental impacts. Launch of the vehicle in Japan is planned for the end of FY2024 (ending March 31, 2025).

ERGA EV is the first BEV flat-floor route bus developed by Isuzu to realize zero carbon emissions. The BEV’s layout flexibility allows for the elimination of steps at the rear of the bus, creating a fully flat-floor interior, allowing passengers to easily get on and off the bus as a conventional non-step diesel-engine bus.

All seats are accessible without steps, making movement within the bus completely barrier-free. In addition, smoother acceleration and deceleration, as well as lower vibration and noise levels, maximize passenger safety and comfort. With these improvements, Isuzu aims to eliminate on board accidents, such as falls, entirely.

The free movement of people and goods, anytime, anywhere. Safe, comfortable, human-centric, and convenient. The Isuzu Group looks to the future in creating an array of products and services that drive prosperity for people and society as a whole.

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