Indian Autos Blog is looking for a writer

12/06/2009 - 10:25 | Announcements | Shrawan Raja

The truth is there isn't any option other that fulfilling the desires of our followers, who are growing constantly in number all the time.

Indian Autos Blog is looking for a writer who knows about the auto world. We are looking for someone who can contribute everyday devoting an hour or two towards the blog.

You need to have the following if you are to be an eligible person for this post

1) Unshakable passion for automobiles

2) know a thing or two about cars and bikes

3) Is willing to learn and grow in the process

4) Decent writing skills. You need to know basic English.

5) Two hours of time to dedicate completely to the blog

You can be a student, a working professional or anything else. We will keep our gates open for the next four days.

You need to add the following details in your request -

1) You need to give us your name, contact details such as your email address and phone number. If you have any previous experiences, accolades in any automotive related competitions, do not forget to mention it.

2) Tell us why you think you would be suitable for this job. One word and one line answers won't do any good!

3) Which car do you think should be chosen as the Indian Car of the Year 2009 and why.

Mail in your answers to notjustshrawan[at]

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