Lamborghini Urus SE Makes World Premiere at Auto China Beijing 2024

28/04/2024 - 15:10 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Following its unveiling at the Volkswagen Group Media Night on 24 April, the Lamborghini Urus SE made its world public premiere at the Auto China Beijing 2024 motor show.

Lamborghini Urus Se Front Quarter Right

This new-generation Urus, the Urus SE – the first PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) luxury super SUV – features a new design; optimized aerodynamics; unprecedented on-board technologies; and a hybrid powertrain with an output of 800 CV, setting a new segment benchmark in terms of comfort, performance, efficiency, emissions and driving pleasure. The Revuelto, the first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle), is also being showcased, while the Huracán Tecnica, a rear-wheel drive super sports car powered by a V10 engine, is on display in the Ad Personam room.

World premiere of the Lamborghini Urus SE

The Lamborghini Urus SE adopts a re-engineered twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine, delivering 620 CV of power and 800 Nm of torque. In optimal synergy with the electric powertrain, the system generates a total power output of 800 CV and a total torque of 950 Nm. The new centrally-located longitudinal electric torque vectoring system is also installed for the first time in the Urus SE, complementing the transfer case and the new electronic limited-slip differential to give the vehicle “on demand” oversteering to deliver Lamborghini’s iconic super sports car driving experience.

Lamborghini Urus Se Front Quarter Left

Thanks to the “two hearts” combining thermal and electric power, the Urus SE boasts best-in-segment torque and power values with an 80% reduction in emissions. Combining Urus driving modes and four new Electric Performance Strategies (EPS), it offers a total of eleven options, and is capable of traveling more than 60km in EV Drive mode.

The Urus SE redefines the stylistic canons of a super SUV. New design features include headlight clusters with matrix LED technology, as well as bumper and front grill. The hood adopts a floating design, in line with the design concept of the Revuelto, and the cargo compartment hatch features a Gallardo-inspired design style with the taillight clusters connected with the “Y” lights and the new rear diffuser, harmonizing the rear silhouette.

Lamborghini Urus Se Interior

The Urus SE pays homage to classic design while demonstrating enhanced sportiness as a super SUV with innovative concepts. The interior design follows the “Feel Like a Pilot” concept, featuring a 12.3-inch central touchscreen with the new Human Machine Interface (HMI), allowing enhanced interaction between the driver and the digital system.

The Urus SE also offers incomparable and diverse Ad Personam customization options, with more than 100 bodywork color options and 47 color combinations and four types of embroidery for the interior, proving infinite potential for customers to create exclusive vehicles.

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