Hyundai Mobis Unveils new ‘Lighting and Moving’ Grille Technology

24/06/2021 - 16:45 | ,  ,  ,   | Jatin

Recently, the auto parts specialist arm of Hyundai Groupnamed Hyundai Mobis, unveiled the ‘lighting and moving grille technology.’ It is expected to come into production by next year. The core of this new Hyundai grille technology consists of the ‘lighting grille’ and the ‘moving grille’. The former gets an LED lighting function in the front grille of the vehicle, while the latter features a new ‘grille integrated active pair flap’ technology. This technology automatically adjusts the airflow into the engine bay.

Front Look Of Hyundai Mobis Lighting And Moving Gr
Hyundai is working on a new lighting grille and moving grille technology. Revealed recently, the illuminated grills could soon become a feature of mainstream Hyundai models. 

The new ‘lighting grille’ technology by Hyundai Mobis uses the entire front grille of the vehicle as a lighting device. The grille can be illuminated in several colours and patterns to show autonomous driving modes, welcome light function, EV charging mode, and it also acts as an emergency warning light display. Moreover, the ‘lighting grille’ can also be used to communicate with other vehicles, and it can create strong and unique design effects. On the other hand, the ‘moving grille’ technology controls the outside air to cool the powertrain because the grille moves and offers a lighting function.

This new grille features built-in air-flaps positioned inside the grille, and it detects changes in the temperature of the coolant and blocks the inflow of outside air by lowering the flaps if cooling is not necessary. The company says this “is expected to not only improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust gas but also realise a sense of luxury in the exterior design of the vehicle.”
This new tech can enhance fuel efficiency and reduces air resistance. Mr Lee Woo-il, head of the Module Lab of Hyundai Mobis said, “We are making constant efforts to develop new technologies that can meet customer needs in response to the changes in future car trends.”

Side Look Of Hyundai Mobis Lighting Grille

“We will pre-empt the global market with innovative products that combine a high level of technology readiness with emotional quality,” he added. Moreover, Hyundai Mobis has also developed a new virtual engine sound system, which uses an automotive grille as a global first in 2020

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