Hyundai Creta Prices Hiked For Third Time Since Launch - Full Price List

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India's best selling SUV - the Hyundai Creta - has just been given its second price hike this year. Hyundai has hiked prices of the diesel variants of the Creta by up to INR 19,600, while prices of the petrol variants have gone up by INR 13,600. This is, in fact, the third price hike for the second-gen Creta since its launch last year. The first price hike came in October 2020 and the second one came earlier this year in January. Compared to October 2020, prices of the Hyundai Creta have gone up by almost INR 60,000. Here's a look at the updated price of the compact SUV.

Variant (Petrol) New Price (April 21) Old Price (March 2021) Difference
1.5 MT E INR 99,99,990 INR 99,99,990 0
1.5 MT EX INR 10,96,400 INR 10,82,800 INR 13,600
1.5 MT S INR 12,19,400 INR 12,05,800 INR 13,600
1.5 MT SX INR 13,93,400 INR 13,79,800 INR 13,600
1.5 IVT SX INR 15,41,400 INR 15,27,800 INR 13,600
1.5 IVT SX(O) INR 16,62,400 INR 16,48,800 INR 13,600
1.4 DCT SX INR 16,63, 400 INR 16,49,800 INR 13,600
1.4 DCT SX(O) INR 17,67,400 INR 17,53,800 INR 13,600
Variant (Diesel)
1.5 MT E INR 10,51,000 INR 10,31,400 INR 19,600
1.5 MT EX INR 11,91,400 INR 11,77,800 INR 13,600
1.5 MT S INR 13,19,400 INR 13,05,800 INR 13,600
1.5 MT SX INR 14,93,400 INR 14,79,800 INR 13,600
1.5 AT SX INR 16,41,400 INR 16,27,800 INR 13,600
1.5 MT SX(O) INR 16,21,400 INR 16,07,800 INR 13,600
1.5 AT SX(O) INR 17,62,400 INR 17,48,800 INR 13,600

For petrol variants of the Creta, it is only the price of the base E trim that remains unchanged. That said, supply of the base E trim is really low, with some dealers quoting a waiting period of up to 12 months. Prices of all other trims for the petrol variants have gone up by INR 13,600. That translates to an increase of 1.26%. Meanwhile, the price of the base E diesel variant sees the maximum price hike of INR 19,600. All other diesel trims see a price hike of INR 13,600. With two price hikes this year, prices for petrol variants of the Creta have gone up by INR 35,500. Meanwhile, the diesel variants are dearer by INR 51,000.

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Earlier last month, Hyundai had announced that the second-gen Creta has recorded over 1.21 lakh unit sales in India in an year's time since it was launched on March 16, 2020. Hyundai also revealed that higher-spec variants of the Creta - particularly the SX and SX(O) - are drawing in the majority of buyers, with as much as 51% of Creta buyers opting for these two variants. Feature loaded interiors are always a huge draw for Hyundai cars. Waiting period for these two variants range between 6-12 weeks, depending on the configuration.

Top-spec SX trim comes equipped with features such as a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and AppleCarPlay, wireless charging, a panoramic sunroof, LED headlights, alloys wheels, rear disc brakes, and much more. The SX(O) trim further adds features like four airbags, leatherette upholstery, ventilated front seats, a full-digital instrument cluster, an electronic parking brake, hill-start assist, and ESC. While most manufacturers are going the petrol-only route, Hyundai also revealed that as many as 60% of all Creta buyers have opted for the diesel variants, in spite of their higher asking price.

Hyundai Creta Interior
Feature loaded interiors are always a huge draw for Hyundai cars and so is the case with Creta.

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