How to Efficiently Cool Truck Cabins in Hot Environments While Parked

23/03/2023 - 08:10 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Truck drivers travel miles and miles to deliver their goods on time. It is indeed an important yet tiring job. While modern trucks are equipped with many features to keep the driver as comfortable as possible, cooling the truck's cabin in hot environments while parked using conventional methods does take a toll on the overall efficiency and cost.

Webastos Cool Top 23 Rt E

To efficiently cool truck cabins in hot environments while parked, thermo specialist Webasto has come up with a new parking cooler - the Cool Top 23 RT-E.

Webasto's Cool Top 23 RT-E has two new brushless fans which consume less power, is very quiet and has a longer service life. It draws the necessary power from the vehicle’s 24-volt battery and can deliver cool air while running energy-efficiently at up to 2,500 watts. The unit runs independently of the engine, thereby improving fuel economy because idling times are reduced. An undervoltage cut-off feature ensures the battery charge level is always sufficient, so the engine will always start immediately.

At 28 kilograms, the Cool Top 23 RT-E is very light and – despite its power – rather slimline in design and only 16.5 centimeters high. It can be easily and quickly installed in the cab’s existing roof aperture. It is controlled from the unit itself or via remote control.

Truck air conditioning units that deliver cool air while the vehicle is moving are normally connected to the vehicle’s engine and therefore operate only when the engine is running. On the other hand, parking coolers can run independently of the engine, drawing their power straight from the vehicle’s battery.

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