How to Avoid Getting Your Car Insurance Claims Rejected?*

31/08/2021 - 14:30 | Featured | IAB Team

Owning a car is a dream come true for most. You wish to keep it safe and enjoy a smooth, happy ride with it for a long time. But one cannot avoid unfortunate accidents that come unannounced. A car insurance policy acts as a strong shield that extends financial support for such times. During tough times, you don’t expect your insurance claims to get rejected but may, in fact, face the rejection for reasons unknown to you. Following are the few ways to avoid rejection of claims-

How To Avoid Getting Your Car Insurance Claims Rej

● Don’t drink and drive
Driving under the influence of alcohol is a legal offense. If you are caught for drunk driving and have caused an accident, you will not be eligible to apply for claims because of your careless, illegal act. So avoid doing the same to not face claim rejection and more importantly to be a safe, responsible driver.

● Don’t violate the policy conditions
Suppose you violate the insurance policy conditions, such as claiming outside the defined geographical boundaries as per the cover or using your car for commercial purposes rather than personal use. In that case, you are liable for claim rejection as they fall outside the scope of your policy. So, avoid policy conditions’ violation to continue reaping the benefits.

● Timely renewal of the policy
Your request for a claim may be rejected without any investigation if you raise it against an expired policy. So, to avoid facing claim rejection, always ensure renewing your policy on time.

● Don’t drive without a driver’s license
If you are found driving without a driver’s license while having caused an accident or been involved in one, you will be held equally liable for fault. In such situations, the insurance policy reserves the right to reject your claim request.

● Don’t cause damage due to self-negligence
Any kind of negligence on the part of the car owner leading to losses will not be covered in the insurance, and a claim against it would be rejected. So drive carefully and avoid accidents due to carelessness to avoid facing claim rejection.

● Don’t avail for claims against exclusions
Each insurance policy comes with a set of inclusions and exclusions in its cover. If you raise a claim against the covers not included in your policy, your request would not be honoured. These exclusions are clearly defined in the policy document.

● Don’t increase consequential loss
Driving an already damaged car, leading to or facing more damages, will not be honoured if raised under a claim as it will be a consequential loss, and you will be liable for causing further deterioration to the car.

● Follow the claim process
Every insurance company has its own set of claim processes. If you do not follow the process and regulations set by your insurance provider, such as timely claim requests or specific documentation, etc., you would be facing rejection for a claim.

● Be honest
Always be honest in case you have been involved in an accident with multiple parties. Only the insuree with a true and honest claim would be honoured post thorough investigations. Be truthful about your damages and injuries, and don’t make any false claims to avoid rejection.

These are some of the ways to avoid getting your car insurance claims rejected. Car repair can be a costly affair, and the last thing you’d want after an unforeseen event or accident is to face claim rejection. To get the best value and financial assistance out of your insurance policies, make sure to abide by the law and policy regulations diligently.

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