How IoT is Changing the Automotive Industry?

08/01/2024 - 18:36 | Featured | IAB Team

If we have to list some of the industries making record progress within a limited time, we will list business, medical, and automotive as the first three. For most people, medical and business come off as very predictable options but the automotive industry might not sound too promising. One thing that these three industries share in common is how easily they opted for integrated automation.

Iot Automotive Industry

For most people, automation started in Nov 2022, but for the majority, automation was around for almost a decade before it went mainstream. Within the automation business, people were not just rolling out some of the most interesting IoTs for daily use; they were also working on some of the fun ways these IoT can help people automate boring and tedious tasks.

Within the automobile industry, due to legal issues, automation took a backseat for a very long time. However, after fighting the tedious legal battle and long-awaited confirmation, companies are now coming forth with their customized automation plans for cars.

The best thing about these automated cars is that with the help of a good internet connection like Optimum Internet, your car will fetch data in real-time which will eventually help with data improvement. With more data, the precision will improve which will eventually improve the working and decision-making of your vehicle.

Top 5 Ways IoT Is Changing the Automotive Industry

Behavior Analysis

Detecting the behavior of drivers is very important to ensure road safety. While most of the accidents happen because of road conditions, the majority can be traced back to the skillset and the condition of the driver.

With automated behavior analysis, the system will be able to detect behavior issues like driver drowsiness, drinking, and other issues that might directly impact the driving skill. Most of the automated cars not only detect these issues but also notify the driver, and company and some get locked as well.

Posture Seating Memory

Seating memory is one of the most important features that most people do not use. Since this is a very basic automation feature that you can avail of in almost every luxury car possible, this will help you avoid fatigue even on an hour-long journey.
With this feature, you no longer have to adjust the seatbelt or change the position for effortless airbag deployment, instead, the automated seat feature will ensure everything happens on its own.

Better Navigation

Losing track of your destination is very common, especially in urban areas where the road system is more complex. With the automated navigation system, reaching your destination will be effortless and you will no longer be required to understand the full route before leaving your home. Moreover, automated navigation will also ensure you reach your destination on time.

Improved Safety of Vehicles

The safety of the vehicle is not just limited to the safety of the rider and the road but also extends to other features like maintenance. The best thing about the safety feature is that it helps improve the shelf life of the vehicle as well as reducing the maintenance cost over time.

Environment Friendly

Automated vehicles trigger timely maintenance, book an appointment and even ask for timely spare part replacement. This helps make sure only the safest cars get on the road and the likelihood of accidents due to technical faults can be reduced significantly.

Perks of IoT in the Automation Industry

For most people, automation of the automotive industry is restricted to better traffic analysis, more safety, and fewer accidents, but in the bigger picture, using automation has many other benefits as well.

Some of the main benefits that are convincing both the manufacturers and the users to switch to automatic cars include:

  • Automated cars are much better and faster in decision-making, which helps in improving safety
  • It is making roads safer with much better data collection and overall pathway analysis
  • With fully automated cars, there is little to no maintenance headache as everything is done on its own
  • Automation reduces the industrial safety risk helping with cost-cutting and operational costs as well
  • Automation is not just helping in improving the safety of cars on the road but also helps with theft monitoring

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, automation and use of IoT within the automobile industry might seem like a waste at first but it offers more perks than most of us can realize. The above-mentioned perks and advancements in the automotive industry are proof that the future of the automobile industry will be far brighter.

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