Honda dealers stock up Amaze with high expectations

08/04/2013 - 10:13 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

Honda has dispatched over 2,000 units of the Amaze sedan to dealers throughout India. Bookings began last week officially, and in many dealerships, loyal and interested customers are called in for special demos.

Honda Amaze black dealer carHonda Amaze black dealer demo model

Reader Lakshay wrote in yesterday with this note -

I went to a Honda dealership in my city recently for getting my Accord serviced. Saw these Amazes standing among lots of Citys and Brios. The white one is diesel (i-DTEC) EX trim and black one is (i-VTEC VX) M/T.

Honda's first diesel car in India has high expectations riding on it. The Amaze is launching at a time when the market has slowed down and the customer sentiment is negative. You can counter argue that when exciting products launch in the market, prospective customers are bound to be gripped by its design or features and convert into buyers.

Cars that are plain, boring and repeat what others have don't create this effect, especially when there's a slowdown.

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The Ford EcoSport and the Honda Amaze are two models which promise growth by offering something new and path-breaking. While the Amaze has the hugely anticipated "diesel Honda" tag after years of waiting, the latter is the first mini SUV from a mainstream player that could be priced to beat C-Segment saloons. One of these two launches will become the iPhone of the automotive market in 2013. The question is, which one will!

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