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29/07/2009 - 09:07 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Nazish Siddiqui

Honda CBF Stunner PGM-FI - 4

After taking a test ride of the powerful Apache RTR 180, I thought I should try a much lighter bike this time from commuter segment. Immediately what crossed my mind was the newly launched Honda CBF Stunner PGM-FI and I decided to evaluate this motorcycle.

My editor has already tested the standard CBF Stunner before, in case you need an introduction.

This bike has 124.7 cc engine (same as the old CBF Stunner) capable of delivering 11.6 bhp@8000 rpm which is 0.6bhp more than the previous stunner and a torque of 11.2 Nm@6250 rpm which is 0.2 Nm more than before. The weight and the dimensions of this bike are slightly different from the previous version; this one weighs 128 Kg which is 1 kg lighter than the normal bike.

Apart from the weight the width of the bike has been increased to 760 mm from 734 mm and the height has been reduced by 2mm to be at 1111mm, the wheel base and the ground clearance remains the same. The fuel tank capacity has also been increased to 13 litres now.

Honda CBF Stunner PGM-FI - 1

The main enhancement to this bike is the PGM-FI technology which improves the mileage of this bike providing more power at the same time. Honda has also provided some nice features in this model in order to enhance the safety and reduce the maintenance costs along with improving the looks of the bike.

The bike comes up with a Bank Angle sensor which cuts off the ignition and the fuel supply when the bike tilts over a certain angle. There is also a malfunction indicator lamp placed below the fuel indicator which indicates any system problems.

The bike also has maintenance free battery and viscous air filter thereby reducing the maintenance to some extent. The emission level is as low as 1/10th of BS II Norms, making it environment friendly as well. The half chain case adds to the sportiness of the bike along with the premium 3D emblem of PGM-FI.

Honda CBF Stunner PGM-FI - 2

With all these things in my mind I was ready for the test ride. I was given a CBR Red color bike. The bike started with a crisp sound, let me tell you at this point that this bike only has electric start and there is no kick in it (similar to the bikes like YZF-R15 and FZ series from Yamaha)

The clutch was really smooth and the pickup was good. It was a little bit beyond my expectations from a 125 cc bike (not comparing it with a 150 cc bike for sure). Another thing which I noticed about the bike was that the acceleration was smooth and linear. The bike accelerates from the 1st to the top gear in a very smooth and uniform manner. The response is good at all the revs.

This bike has a very refined engine, not a single bit of vibration from it, thanks to the handle bar weights and the FI technology.

The seating position of the bike was comfortable. It was upright and I didn’t find it that sporty. The handling of the bike was better than the previous version, the drop in weight and the adjustment in dimensions has worked. The load handling of the bike was also good and it didn’t cry after the pillion got on.

Honda CBF Stunner PGM-FI - 3

The gear shifts were smooth enough so there is nothing much I have to say here.

Coming to the brakes, the bike has a 240 mm front disc brake and a 130 mm rear drum brake. The brakes were decent, nothing exceptional, which I think is adequate for a bike of this capacity.

The overall feel of the bike was good and I would call it one of the best bikes in this segment I have ridden so far.

The bike costs Rs.67,430 on road (Delhi) which is around Rs.14000 more than its top end carbureted version. The cost for this 125cc bike could be a major hindrance to its sales considering the fact that you can get 150cc bikes in this price range.

Although there are good features in the bike, it still doesn’t have enough to lure the customers to pay this much for it. I feel that the same features in a 150cc bike at the same cost would have been worth it. Apart from the high cost, the absence of a Digital console and a much desired tachometer are major disappointment.

The bike is available in two colors derived from CBR1000RR which are CBR Red and CBR Silver Metallic.

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