Erstwhile partners Honda and Hero duel over mileage claims - Report

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A bitter battle between erstwhile partners has been unleashed over mileage claims made by Hero Motocorp. The issue of contention is the mileage claim, of 102.5 km/l, made by the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the country for the Hero Splendor iSmart commuter motorcycle.

Hero Splendor iSMART side
HMSI is contesting the 102.5 km/l claim made by Hero Motocorp, stating that the Honda engine in the bike can't return the claimed figure. Hero insists it has upgraded and optimised the engine considerably.

A report on The Economic Times quotes the president of Honda's R&D centre in India, Keiji Kasa, who states that with the engine for the Splendor being developed by Honda back in the day, the realistic assessments are understood by the company. On this basis, the company is challenging that Hero's claimed mileage as being "misleading and far from reality." On its part, Hero Motocorp has hit back saying that since the testing conditions for the claim was provided by iCAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) to contest the figure would be to contest centre's standards and methods of testing.

Hero Splendor iSMART specifications
Hero Splendor iSMART specifications

Refuting Honda's claims further, Hero Motocorp has said that given its focus on reducing the weight of the bike, upgrading and optimising the engine, coupled with the Idle Stop Start system, the mileage is attainable. HMSI's stood its stance, stating that the Idle Stop Start system was developed by Honda over 15 years ago and the company's aware of its limitations.

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With no final settlement arrived at on the issue, the verbal duel looks to last for a while.

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