Goodyear India Donates Medical Equipment to Hospitals in Aurangabad

17/03/2022 - 11:55 | Industry News | IAB Team

Goodyear India has extended support to three medical facilities in Aurangabad including the Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital, United CIIGMA Hospital, and the Government Medical Hospital as part of their annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This initiative aims at strengthening medical facilities which are leading efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic by providing better care and diagnosis to patients. Equipment donated to these hospitals is being used to treat COVID and non-COVID patients and to prepare the facilities for any future rush of patients in case of subsequent waves.

Goodyear India Donates Medical Equipment

Goodyear India set up a Mucormycosis wing at the Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital for facial regrafting of patients affected by the disease. Equipment included Mid Mark Beds, Philips Monitors, Straumann Scan Unit, Maxillofacial Kit, Prosthetic Rehabilitation Kit, and Zygoma Units. The inauguration took place in the presence of Dr Vijay Borgaonkar, Medical Director and other representatives from the hospital including Chandrakant Malpani, Founding President and others from Midtown Trust.

To improve severe patient care at United CIIGMA Hospital, Aurangabad, Goodyear donated equipment like Syringe pumps, ECG machines, and ventilators in the presence of Dr UnmeshTakalkar, CMD, Dr Manisha Takalkar, Group Director, and other dignitaries from the Hospital.

At the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Aurangabad, Goodyear India has donated a Body Plethysmograph machine which is used for treating patients with severe lung infection The event took place in the hospital in the presence of Mr. Sunil Chavan, Deputy Commissioner, Aurangabad and Dr Varsha Rote, Dean GMCH, Aurangabad along with other dignitaries from the hospital.

The inauguration ceremonies were held at these three facilities in the presence of Mr. Ashu Goel, Manufacturing Director, Goodyear Aurangabad, Mr. Virendra Gaikwad- Plant Head, Human Resources, Goodyear Aurangabad, and Ms. Shraddha Jain, Manager- HR, OD and Training. Each of these inaugurations was attended by dignitaries from the hospitals as well.

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