Ford Endeavour 2.0 Vs EcoSport 1.5 Diesel, Who Wins? - VIDEO

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Ford currently sells two SUVs in the Indian market in the form of the Endeavour and the EcoSport. While the former competes in the Rs 30 – Rs 40 lakh SUV segment, the latter sits in the highly competitive subcompact SUV class. Both vehicles were among the earliest entrants in their respective segments, the Endeavour launching in 2003 while the EcoSport entered the Indian market in 2012. What this means is that the EcoSport has been on sale for almost a decade without any major changes. On the other hand, the Endeavour currently on sale is the second-generation model for us, which was launched in 2016. Today we have got this rolling start drag race between the Endeavour 2.0 diesel and the EcoSport 1.5 diesel.

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The video has been uploaded by AutoWheels India - Cars & Road Trips on YouTube. Instead of the usual standing starts for a drag race, this race between the Ford Endeavour and the EcoSport will use the rolling start method instead. For round 1, the rolling start speed is set at 25 kmph. As soon as the SUVs cross the race start point, the EcoSport jumps ahead. However, the Endeavour manages to catch up and pass the EcoSport to win the race. The second round sees the Endeavour switching off traction control while the rolling start speed has been increased to 35 kmph. Similar to the first round, the EcoSport takes the lead at the start again. Unlike last time though, the EcoSport manages to hold on to the advantage to cross the finish line first.

The drivers of the SUVs have been changed for the third round. The Ford Endeavour gets a better start compared to the previous two and uses its power advantage to comfortably win this round. The final round sees the drivers going back to their original vehicles. The EcoSport again has a better start but the Endeavour starts catching up. However, the EcoSport just manages to keep a marginal lead to win the final round, thereby winning overall as well. Even though the Endeavour is considerably more powerful, the EcoSport is a fair bit lighter. This means that the EcoSport gets off the line better and accelerates quicker. By the time the Endeavour starts catching up with its power, the EcoSport already creates enough of a margin to win the race.

Ford Endeavour Vs Ecosport Rolling Start Drag Race
The Endeavour is more powerful, the EcoSport is lighter. Who wins?

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The Ford Ecosport competing in the race here is powered by a 1.5-litre turbo-diesel unit that makes 100 PS and 215 Nm of peak power and torque figures. The Endeavour 2.0 in the video is powered by a 2-litre turbo-diesel engine that churns out peak power and torque figures of 170 PS and 420 Nm of peak power and torque figures. The EcoSport is mated to a 5-speed manual while the Endeavour comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Prices for the Ford EcoSport diesel range between Rs 8.89 lakh – Rs 11.69 lakh while prices for the Ford Endeavour range between Rs 29.99 - Rs 36.25 Lakh. Do note that all prices mentioned are ex-showroom.

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