Exclusive: Hector Plus trademark application objected, MG fights back

30/12/2019 - 21:00 | ,   | Sagar Parikh

In yet another exclusive report this month, IndianAutosBlog.com brings the full scoop on MG's Hector Plus trademark application, which has been objected. In this post, we give you the first look at the log of Hector Plus, and reveal what’s MG is doing about the objection.

Mg Hector Plus Logo Trademark Application
The MG Hector Plus will be the three-row version of the MG Hector.

First things first, the Hector Plus is without a doubt the name planned to be used for the three-row MG. Quoting the company’s law firm dealing with this particular trademark application, the company has “proposed to use its mark Hector Plus with respect to its new passenger car which would be an extension of its existing passenger car by the name of Hector and hence the applied trademark comprises of Hector suffixed with Plus."

Now, to reveal the reason behind the objection, “the mark is identical with or similar to earlier marks (Hector) in respect of identical or similar description of goods or services and because of such identity or similarity there exists a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public.” Those are the words of The Registrar of Trade Marks, backed by Section 11 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999.

Just to give you a quick recap, MG had filed the trademark application for the Hector Plus name in September 2019 and this application was rejected in October. Just last month, the company sent its response to The Registrar of Trade Marks’ objection in order to convince the government body to reverse its decision.

On behalf of MG, its law firm said that the objection is “erroneous” and "ought to be struck down”. “Various clauses of Section 11 of the (Trade Marks) Act (1999), will not apply in this case," it appealed. The appeal made against the objection also said that the Hector Plus mark is distinctive in nature and thus perfectly capable of distinguishing Hector Plus-branded goods/services from the Hector-branded ones. The Hector mark “is not even remotely similar” (to the Hector mark), it claimed.

Had ‘Hector’ been a trademark of another company, MG would have been in trouble. But since that too is its trademark, appealing against the objection citing similarity with an existing trademark as the reason shouldn’t be much of an issue for it.

Mg Hector Review Images Front Three Quarters 17
The MG Hector Plus will have six seats. MG Hector pictured for reference.

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The MG Hector Plus, featuring 6 seats and unique front and rear fascias, will be launched in early 2020. Expect it to debut at Auto Expo 2020.

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