Dongfeng HUV is Chinese for Hummer

08/05/2012 - 06:57 | ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

Sure, the Hummer H3 was just Chevy Colorado in a drag suit but we still loved it; in the same way we loved the Hulk in Avengers. It’s big and imposing and a perfect boy toy.

Dongfeng HUV frontDongfeng HUV side

However, as we know, the Hummer is no more. GM dismantled the Hummer brand because it had becomes to nonviable to sustain.

But good news for the Hummer fans! Dongfeng Motor Corporation, which is one of the big 3 auto manufacturers in China, has showcased a Hummer H3 clone at the Beijing Motor Show. Costing roughly about 1 million RMB (about 83 lakhs INR), the Dongenfeng HUV comes pretty close to the Hummer H3. Every component on Dongenfeng HUV is made in China apart from the engine which is a Cummins diesel made by Dongfeng in China under license from Cummins USA.


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