India bound Datsun K2 official sketches released, World Premiere on July 15 in New Delhi

01/07/2013 - 14:33 | Datsun | Anjan Ravi

Datsun has just released the official sketches of the first car from the brand in 32 years. Codenamed the Datsun K2, this is what it will look like.

Datsun First Car K2 Official Sketch

The car which will be based on the Nissan Micra is expected to be shown on July 15th, which also happens to be the day of the Datsun brand's World Premiere. The World Premiere of the car and the brand will take place in New Delhi, India.

The car that you see here will be the first product for India and sales are expected to commence from 2014. Datsun will be aiming at India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa initially. The company says that although their products would be individually developed for the different markets, they will follow a common inspiration.

Datsun First Car K2 Official Sketch front grill

Here is what the company is promising:

  • Engaging driving experience
  • Peace of mind ownership
  • Accessibility at the right and transparent price
  • Competitive Total Cost of Ownership
  • Rewarding brand experience
  • No compromise in terms of accessibility, reliability and durability which are the values deep routed in the Datsun heritage

Vincent Cobee, Head of Datsun, said  -

Datsun will bring competitive products and services, modern and aspirational, while at the same time reassuring, providing superior value and specifically developed for the emerging and ambitious new Middle Class in high-growth markets. The Datsun cars will be locally developed with the support of Nissan Motor Company engineers and stylists and will be locally produced.

Head to Page 2 for the Press Release.

Datsun announces official sketch Press Release

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