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06/02/2017 - 12:13 | ,   | Neelanjan Chakraborty

The Royal Enfield Continental GT was the first truly accessible cafe racer in India.

Royal Enfield motorcycles have been known to be one of the most customised brands in the country. The idea of a cafe racer also imbibes customizations to its very core. Here are three excellent examples of customised Royal Enfield Continental GT Cafe racers.

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck side
The Dirty Duck sees the Royal Enfield Continental GT put on a go-anywhere attitude.

Showcased at Wheels and Waves Festival in France back in 2016, the Dirty Duck has a 'survive anything' attitude. The bike gets a shortened rear frame, new seat, projector headlamps and fully functional yet rustic feel. The Dirty Duck also gets Continental tyres and a snorkel by Harris Performance. Touted as a Jeep and Land Rover of the two-wheeler world, the Royal Enfield Continental GT Dirty Duck has a do it all attitude.


Royal Enfield Continental GT Loopy
The Loopy gets a more rounded approach, taking the cafe racer slightly away from the roots. Modern bits include new tyres and KTM Duke USD suspension.

Yes, this classic yet modern looking bike by KR Customs gets a custom fuel tank which is smaller than the stock unit. The upside down forks up front have been borrowed from the KTM Duke 200. The swingarm has been extended, but the sub-frame has been shortened. The handlebar has been replaced for clip-ons while the exhaust is a handcrafted unit. The seat has been handcrafted with leather to give a premium touch. The taillamp gets LEDs.

Royal Enfield Continental GT T (Turbocharged)

Royal Enfield Continental GT T front three quarter
This turbocharged version is called the Royal Enfield Continental GT T and produces double the amount of torque.

The most powerful product in the list, the Royal Enfield Continental GT T is a turbocharged motorcycle fitted with a forced induction unit from the Suzuki Jimmy (RHB 31). Customised by the Australian group MotoMax, the bike is capable of 42 hp at the rear wheel, up from the original 29 hp. The torque output has been doubled.

Part of Royal Enfield’s 31-day Custom Bike Build-Off Challenge, the GT T was made in just 60 hours.

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