CEAT EnergyRide EV Tyres for Electric Two-Wheelers Launched

03/08/2022 - 12:00 | ,   | IAB Team

CEAT has launched specific tyres for electric two-wheelers in India. Called the EnergyRide EV, these tyres are specially designed for E2Ws.

Ceat Energyride Ev Tyres For Electric Two Wheelers

The characteristics and performance of the internal combustion engine-powered scooters and electric scooters are vastly different, hence there is a need for a different set of tyres for EV scooters.

EnergyRide EV is designed to maximize the performance of the EV scooters and tyres. EV scooters have higher torque as compared to their internal combustion counterparts. The higher torque is instantly available to the rider as he/she starts the scooter. Traditional two-wheeler tyres are not equipped to manage this torque and weight.


CEAT’s EnergyRide EV range of tyres comes with a unique ‘Circuit Design’, which provides better grip in high torque and instant acceleration through superior water channelling. It also distributes the force exerted on the tyres evenly around the tyre, thus reducing the wear and tear of the tyres and eventually helping them to last longer.

EnergyRide EV tyres are incorporated with a special rolling resistance compound which reduces the energy loss during motion. The lower rolling resistance provided by the EneryRide EV tyres aids an electric scooter to save energy and provides the desired extended range to the scooter.

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