Breaking - Touchy Tata Nano TV Ad out on Youtube

17/12/2010 - 16:00 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Tata Nano certainly needs a touchy-feely advertisement to bring it back into our minds. The tagline "Key to your happiness" is apt for the Nano which is facing a tough time in our market. Its features and Indian family-oriented design is reflected well in this ad which opens with a girl asking her grandmother when the Nano will arrive home.

The storyline then shifts to the Nano's journey to the Indian home. It's acceleration and space are highlighted as two-wheeler commuters are surprised by its pickup. It also proves its ability to tackle bad roads and no roads as it draws the interest of people on the road like it does in real life.

Once the Nano arrives home, it brings along joy. The girl hugs the car, the family gets ready to welcome it with the usual traditions. The girl notices everyone in the neighborhood admiring the car, and to save it from evil and prying eyes, she applies some of her eyeliner on the car.

The Ad's message is people commuting on three-wheelers and two-wheelers can shift into a Nano with its 4 year warranty and affordable attributes.

Very nice. Very well done Tata Motors!

Tata ads always have a comic flavor. The Nano then is the first time Tata lent a touchy-feely tone and rightly so.

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