Video - The 100 bhp Bajaj auto rickshaw goes wild with weaponary

26/11/2014 - 09:52 | ,  ,   | Nithyanandh K

Anything but road-legal.

Remember the wacky Bajaj auto rickshaw mod job from earlier this month? As if the fitting a 100 bhp Honda CBR650RR engine isn't mental enough, the junkyard mechanic who calls himself "Colinfurze" on Youtube has weaponized the Tuk Tuk just as he promised in his previous video.

[Head to Youtube if you can't watch the video.]

In the latest video, Colinfurze demonstrates the on-road capabilities of the RE Tuk Tuk which are impressive. With 100 bhp powering the rear wheels, the featherlight rickshaw is eager to pull power slides even with slightest of provocation. Wheelies, burnouts and doughnuts are even easier it seems.

That's not all! The guy has enacted the Far Cry 4 video game in which the gamers can drive around a weaponized Tuk Tuk, attacking the opponents. The no-more-humble Bajaj three wheeler is mounted with four mechanized guns, toys of course, and a rear-mounted flame thrower. Not to mention the roof-mounted fake missiles!

Bajaj Tuk Tuk with guns and Honda CBR600RR engine
The Weaponized (toy guns) RE enacts the Far Cry 4 video game.

To recap, Colinfurze bought a normal Bajaj RE rickshaw on eBay, stripped it, strapped a Honda CBR600RR's 100 bhp four-cylinder engine and reinforced the chassis.

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Given that India is the home of the Tuk Tuk with the metros filled with thousands of them, we should be thankful that nobody has created a three-wheeled mayhem such as Colin's Bajaj RE600RR yet!

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