Audi R8 replica based on a Ford

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The Audi R8 has just been launched in India at a whopping 1-crore plus price tag. Even though it's sky high, Audi has sold out the consignment it had for India. As a result, if you desperately wanted one, you have to wait. If you can't bear the wait, then here's something you might want to have a look at.

Here is a cheaper alternative for all you Audi R8 buyers. No no, I'm not bringing in the Chinese who make cheap replicas but this fellow had made one out of nothing at all. The donor car or the car on which the kit was mounted is a Ford Probe/Mercury Cougar, a 2001 model that shares a similar shape.

What this is though, is a very well detailed replica of the Audi R8. The attention to detail is brilliant, and you could pull it off provided you drive fast. It cost's $50,000 and all you need otherwise is a Ford Porbe on to which the kit will be mounted.

Did I mention fast? Oh, the car still makes do with the standard engine and interiors which means once you pull over, its Game Over.

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