Audi is planning a city car that could give 120 KMPL

03/12/2012 - 09:10 | Audi | Kaustubh Shinde

Inspired by the Volkswagen XL1 Concept, Audi is planning a small car that could deliver almost 120 kmpl!

VW Urban Mela NILS concept in New Delhi reports that the Ingolstadt giant is working on a small car based on the Audi A1 platform that will be a fuel sipper on a whole new level. The idea is to create a four seater car that can be used for your daily drives to the shop.

The British magazine also reports that this small city car will provide all the creature comforts of a normal car and it will be affordable to the masses as well.  It is expected to shed a few unwanted bits in the interior making it radically lighter than normal.

The idea may be inspired by the Volkswagen XL1 Concept but Audi has no plans to use the 800cc compact twin-cylinder TDI turbodiesel engine that will power the production model of the XL1. Instead, Audi plans to use a 1L engine and base it on the A1 platform, leveraging on its flexibility and versatility.

We think that this development is to protect Audi’s growth when BMW comes out with its ultra efficient i3 hatchback. We would like to remind our audience that BMW is also working on a series of ultra efficient EVs under the ‘i’ brand. This new Audi small car seems like a perfect bet to counter the i3 hatchback attack.

[The car pictured here is VW Nils concept showcased at the Urban mela, New Delhi]


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