Audi India begins teasing the Q3 on Facebook

09/04/2012 - 13:56 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

You can tell Audi India that there's no need to strip tease the Q3 as they may have forgotten that Bollywood bombshell Katrina Kaif's already unveiled the car at the Delhi Auto Expo in January. You may want to remind them that the Q3's now available all over the world.

Audi India Facebook page Audi Q3

Audi India can react that perhaps due to the positioning the product that differs greatly in India, a teaser campaign is on. The Audi Q3 is targeted at the Indian youth and the brand is scouting for young ambassadors who have about 25-30 lakhs to spend on a status car.

The Q3 is perhaps the most important launch for Audi India since the brand's inception. If the Q3 does well because of its looks, features and price, it may catapult Audi past the inadequately-stabled Mercedes Benz. The target will be to race past Mercedes Benz and maintain a healthy lead in volumes.

When Mercedes starts lining up its small car range built on the MFA platform, the gap is bound is tighten. There's significant work still left to do for Audi India. They have to bring down the Audi A3 and find a way to keep the premiumness in tact at the price of 20 lakh.

The Q5 facelift is also preparing for a world debut, Audi India's hopes of continuing to lead in that segment of the luxury market lies hugely on its performance. The A4 facelift is another car Audi's got to bring to India, the right time maybe right after the BMW F30's launch.

Audi India should persuade its headquarters to make a small crossover, perhaps a Q2 as a starting point to its range. A hatchback is not viewed as a premium car in India, and this casts doubts over how the Audi A1 hatch/Sportback can make a case for itself. Audi India may not be thinking that far as yet as many models and variants need to come before that stage.

On the Facebook page, the brand's youth-oriented strategy for the Q3 is there for all to see. A cover page on Audi India's official page says "Start Young."

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