Ather Energy Continues to Expand its Retail Operations in India

20/06/2022 - 09:45 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Ather Energy is all set to strengthen its retail operations in Maharashtra with the launch of its new retail outlet – Ather Space at Panch Pakhdi, Thane. The Ather 450X, one of India’s quickest and smartest scooters, alongside the Ather 450 Plus will be retailed at this Ather Space.

Ather Space Thane

Speaking about the expansion Ravneet S Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy, said, "Maharashtra is an important market for Ather Energy, and the state's response to our scooters, the 450X and 450 Plus, has been phenomenal. Customers look at EVs as an upgrade that offers a great riding experience, while also providing modern features and tremendous value. The expansion is driven by the high demand for the Ather 450 series. We will continue to expand our retail presence in the state and across India to facilitate a hassle-free transition to EVs."

The new experience centre, which was opened in association with Jakhete Group, is designed to educate customers about every aspect of the vehicle while providing a holistic experience in an interactive space. ​The Ather Space provides a unique ownership experience along with complete service and support for the owners. The Ather 450X, alongside the Ather 450 Plus will be available to test ride and purchase at Ather Space.

Ather 450x Wall Charging Left

Ather Energy is one of the few OEMs that also invests in building charging infrastructure. The company has installed 22 Ather Grid in Mumbai. The company plans to add more across the city to strengthen the charging network and eliminate range anxiety. Ather has installed 60+ charging grids in Maharashtra. It currently has 350 charging stations across 38 cities and plans to install 5,000 fast chargers in the next three years.

Ather Energy has been registering a significant increase in sales over the past year, emphasising the strong demand for its electric scooters. In May 2022, it delivered 3787 scooters, registering its highest ever monthly sales. With the new round of funding, Ather plans to expand manufacturing facilities, invest in research and development, charging infrastructure, and grow the retail network to support the increase in demand while ensuring quality, safety, and reliability.

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