Dodge Tomahawk based Chinese ATV

05/08/2008 - 18:44 | ,  ,   | Anjan Ravi

All of us understand what the Chinese are capable of, don't we.

Dodge Tomahawk replica

They get into all varieties of problems with auto manufacturers across the planet, and even after a few of their creations were forbidden from entering countries in Europe, they still won't and can't give up- Proof- An ATV derived from the Dodge Tomahawk by one proud Chinese firm.

Dodge Tomahawk replica

The Tomahawk motorcycle was a concept bike built by Dodge which loaned its engine from the Dodge Viper Sportscar. The 8.3L V10 motor churned out 500HP, which took the bike to 60mph in about a second, but the Chinese double isn't anywhere close. The 150cc that hides under all that lead-soaked paint and plastic produces a modest 10HP.

Dodge Tomahawk Chinese ATV Image Gallery

Probably, the only acceptable similarities the two vehicles hold, is that both are not street-legal. $1,500, and it's all yours. The site claims it's "One of a kind," so make a fast decision!

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Source- ATV Discounter

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