Brazil - VW Up! secures a maximum five-star rating in Latin NCAP crash test

22/01/2014 - 11:00 | ,   | Shoeb Kalania

The Latin NCAP report has been published for the Brazil-made Volkswagen Up!.

VW Up Brazil Latin NCAP ratings
Volkswagen Up! scores 5 stars for adult safety and 4 stars for child safety

The VW Up! scores 5 stars for adult safety and 4 stars for child safety. It would be one of the safest compact cars to go on sale in Brazil in 2014.

The ratings obtained by the VW Up! represents the best combination of results granted by Latin NCAP. The Up! scored five stars after being approved in two crash tests (Frontal at 64kph and Side at 50kmph).

VW Up Brazil Latin NCAP rear
The Brazilian model is equipped with a metal hatch door unlike the all-glass unit on the European model.

We also get to see the undisguised rear end of the car in the Latin NCAP crash test video. The glass hatch door is replaced with a steel tailgate.

Other changes include roll-down type rear windows in place of the butterfly-type windows, a thicker C-Pillar and inclusion of turn indicators on the side rear view mirrors.

VW Up Brazil Latin NCAP side
Rear window appears longer and the C-Pillar is also thicker, for better kneww room and boot volume.

VW Brazil will offer the Up! in the following variants - Take Up! (entry model), Move Up!, High Up!, White Up! and Black Up!. Take-Up and Move-Up! will be the two door models.

Power will come from a 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine compatible with flex-fuel (petrol + ethanol) mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. An automatic transmission will be offered on some variants.

VW Up Brazil Latin NCAP rear view mirror
Side view mirrors featuring turn indicators unseen previously on the Up!

The VW Up! will launch sometime in February or March priced between R$ 26,000 (6.8 Lakh INR) to R$ 28,000 (7.3 Lakh INR).

VW Up! Latin NCAP performance sheet

[Can't see the spec sheet here? Head over to Slideshare]

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