VW Polo commercial makes us go “What about the car Yo?”

20/12/2010 - 13:21 | ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

TV Advertising is big among the auto makers. And the undoubted king of this segment is Volkswagen (or should we say used to be). Volkswagen commercials have always been class apart. Yes, we were initially a bit disappointed with their Indian efforts but they soon got it right with the new Vento commercial.

Turns out the king is starting to loosen his grip over the kingdom. The new Polo commercial is hardly anything to talk about. The chief reason being there is NOTHING about the car in it.

The old VW commercials used to make you “Oh, cool…now I understand”. This one makes you go “Ok ..What??”

The Ad called ‘Tough. Beautiful. Polo’ starts with the world championship tango dancers – Manuela Rossi and Gaspar Godoy doing a really fantastic and aggressive dance and end with the picture of the car. That is it!

Throughout the commercial there is absolutely NO car in it. I actually thought it was a commercial for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ until finally they showed the car.

The abstract meaning that (I THINK) the Ad is trying to convey is that just as the dance is tough and beautiful so is the Polo. But yea, this is not VW’s finest hour. Time to change Ad agency? I suppose..Yes!

Do you like it?

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