Used Luxury Cars Platform Spinny Max Launched in India

06/04/2022 - 10:30 | Car news | IAB Team

Spinny, a full-stack used car buying and selling platform, has launched its luxury segment Spinny Max. The platform marks the first used luxury car offering that operates at a national scale and offers an assortment of over 500 cars - including marques such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Land Rover with pan-India delivery service through 250 cities.

Spinny Max

Talking about the launch of Spinny Max, Niraj Singh, Founder & CEO, Spinny, said:

Spinny was founded on the principle that everyone deserves a quality car. Six years down the line, seeing young India’s aspirational consumption and its appetite for luxury vehicles, Spinny Max aims to create a niche in the market for luxury automobiles - making accessible luxury a reality for young men and women. Each car is thoroughly vetted and test drives and ownership are designed with highest levels of quality and support, keeping customer delight and simplicity in mind.

Spinny Max is a stepping stone to luxury cars, for prospective buyers. The brand emphasizes the words “accessible luxury” – as Spinny Max stocks well-maintained, luxury cars and takes responsibility for the ownership experience including Money Back guarantee and a one-year warranty. Spinny Max is pioneering an online experience in luxury used car buying and selling, serving the aspirations of many Indians who are on the fence to own a luxury automobile.

Spinny Max Delivery

The benchmarking benefits include thorough inspection (250 different checks) - a capability that’s been developed with an experienced team and superlative inspection equipment, another industry first from Spinny. Assurance of the right price, 5-day money-back guarantee and continuous support from Spinny’s team comes as standard benefits with every Spinny Max car. Besides the detail-oriented new Spinny Max section on the Spinny App, customers in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai are being treated to bespoke luxury buying through well-informed concierges at three well-appointed Spinny Max Experience Centres.

The full-stack capabilities help to buy & sell cars from the confines of your home, with contactless and digital transactions. The entire procedure is designed to be an online-first experience, complete with all pertinent details and a 360-degree view of each luxury used car featured on and Spinny App.

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