Twisted Automotive Launches US-only All-Electric Land Rover Defender

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While the all-new Land Rover Defender might be one of the most capable off-road vehicle to come out of the modern Land Rover-era, Defender purists absolute despise the watered-down model it has become. However, there are quite a few automotive firms out there, that are solely focused on saving the Land Rover image. One of these outfits is Twisted, and they know their Land Rover Defenders through and through. The company has now launched a new electric, soft-top version of the Land Rover called the NAS-E (North-American Special - Electric).

Twisted Nas E And Nas E Plus Launched In The Us

The Twisted NAS-E is based on the North-American-spec Land Rover Defender 90, keeping the styling largely unchanged and swapping out the oily bits for electricity. The fully-electric Twisted NAS-E uses a Remy Borg-Warner motor, which is claimed to develop 214bhp and 380Nm of torque. If this much power is not enough, Twisted also offers a more powerful version of the car - the NAS-E Plus. The more powerful version gets the same motor but steps up power ratings to 320bhp and 420Nm of torque. The Twisted NAS-E features a direct-drive transmission, accompanied by a four-wheel drive system. The 60kWh battery pack also promises a driving range of 321km, charged via a 22kW-hour charging system and also gets the option of a fast-charging unit. While the Twisted NAS-E has all the old-world charm of the Land Rover Defender 90, it gets a lot more modern safety systems, These include custom six-piston calipers, harder brake pads, ABS, traction control and a step-down transfer case with high-and-low-range capability retained.

Twisted Nas E And Nas E Plus Launched In The Us 2

The Twisted NAS-E is also available to spec in three colours - yellow, blue or green. In terms of design, the NAS-E also goes one step further with features like cream leather seats, touchscreen infotainment, silver Twisted sport wheels, a roll cage and air-conditioning. The NAS-E Plus adds more features like side steps, black side sills and auxiliary spotlights. When it comes to pricing, you’ll be shelling out INR 1.37 crore for the Twisted NAS-E and 1.57 crore for the NAS-E Plus. However, before you go running out to the bank, just know that Twisted will only be making 30 examples of the NAS-E and all of them specific to the US.

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