Traffic Light Turns Green Only If You Drive Under Speed Limit

22/05/2023 - 11:38 | Featured,   | IAB Team

We all are familiar with traffic lights, right? However, there is a new kind of traffic light that turns green only if you are driving under the speed limit.

Red Traffic Light

Called the “feu de ralentissement éducatif” (educational traffic-calming light), or FRED, this technology has been installed in a school zone in the Canadian city of Brossard. The light is red by default but turns green when an attached speed camera detects an approaching vehicle that’s driving under the speed limit.

Such traffic lights are already being used in Europe. However, in Canada, they are being tried out for a 90-day trial period on Rue Stravinski, a two-lane street that runs through a suburban residential area.

These lights also have a system that will issue heavy fines when it detects drivers overspeeding or jumping a signal. However, the FRED lights can only be used in specific circumstances.


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