The Jeep Wrangler Is Going Electric; Concept Debut In April 2021

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The Jeep Wrangler is perhaps the most iconic nameplate in the world of off-roading. The American carmaker has now dropped a teaser of Wrangler Electric concept. Yes, the Jeep Wrangler is going electric! Jeep already has the Wrangler 4xe with a hybrid powertrain but that's not a full electric vehicle. Off-road expeditions to forests and mountains have never been cleaner and greener before.

Jeep Wrangler Electric Teaser
The Jeep Wrangler is going electric very soon.

There are not many details of the Jeep Wrangler Electric at the moment. However, from the teaser image we can tell that it will continue with a body-on-frame construction. Being a Jeep, the Wrangler electric will obviously be a four-wheel drive SUV. The electric motor will draw its power from not one, but three battery modules. Range anxiety on the Wrangler Electric thus should not be a problem.

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But what if you ran out of juice in the wilderness or in the middle of nowhere? Well, Jeep has thought about that as well and has come up with very innovative charging solutions. Jeep will be installing solar-powered chargers not only along the highways but even in popular off-road destinations such as Moab in Utah and the Rubicon Trail in California.

Jeep Wrangler Electric Charging Solutions
Jeep will even install innovative solar-powered chargers in popular off-road location in case you ran out of juice in the middle of nowhere.

In terms of design, as can be seen from the teaser image, the Wrangler electric will look largely similar to the ICE-powered Wrangler. However, to it apart as an EV, the Wrangler Electric Concept will come painted in blue - just like the Wrangler Hybrid - and while the grille still features the seven-slat design, it has been closed off on this electric SUV. The LED headlamps on the concept also seem to have received some minor revision.

Although Jeep hasn't revealed any images of the interiors of the Wrangler electric, we expect it will largely be same to the standard SUV. It could however come with a EV-specific instrument cluster. The Jeep Wrangler Electric will be one of a kind product, the first of off-road based electric SUVs in the world. The concept model will be revealed in full in April 2021 before the production-spec model debuts before the end of the year. It's unlikely to come to India but Jeep will soon be commencing local assembly of ICE-powered Wrangler in India.

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