Test Drive – Day 3 – Suspension, Handling, Brakes and Boot

16/08/2009 - 23:33 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Suspension -

New Honda City - 102

The New City has an MacPherson Strut with stabilizer, coil spring in the front and torsion beam axle with stabilizer, coil spring setup at the rear.

We drove on the city roads and on the highways in the ratio of 60-40 before we came to a conclusion that the New City is able enough to handle the highways better than the city. At low speeds, over pot holes, a lot of noise filters into the cabin, and due to the harder suspension, the thuds are sometimes irritating.

On the smoother highways, the suspension works like a charm. It felt like the suspension had been swapped as we passed city limits!

What we also discovered after a brief research is the Indian City has 10-15mm more ground clearance compared to its South Asian Citys. The high seating is an added advantage over the older generations.

Steering -

New Honda City - 141

Driving pleasure is top notch even though the City has a EPS (Electronically assisted Power Steering) which feels lifeless and useless on other cars. Steering feedback was impressive in city speeds but as you are doing 3 digit speeds, you start to feel it slip. The short turning circle radius meant the car could be parked easily into tight gaps without sweating and swearing

Braking -

New Honda City - 101

Brakes are effective with front discs and drums at he rear and the car didn’t skid or wobble during panic braking as the ABS which is standard on the City, kicked in every time. As we wished this on our earlier reports it would be a dream to see a sport variant of the City having the Civics 1.8 engine with an all wheel drive and gearbox also from the Civic and a all disc setup along with broader tires.

Boot -

New Honda City - 117

The boot of the City is good enough to hold 3 suit cases with ease and two hand bags if squeezed. Loading area is broader than the Linea's and the height too is perfect, 500lts of easily usable boot space.

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