Report - Tata Motors' ‘Xtreme Drive’ kicks off in Mumbai

27/04/2013 - 09:58 | ,   | Shoeb Kalania

Starting this week, all through to June 2, Tata Motors is conducting the ‘Xtreme Drive’ in Mumbai to showcase and let customers experience the hidden tricks of the Safari Storme 4X4.

Tata Motors Xtreme Drive driftingTata Motors Xtreme Drive

Not only does the event act as a platform to showcase the off-road capabilities of the new Safari Storme to future customers and off road enthusiasts, it also lets the existing customers know what their cars can do off the road where the rarely go.

Indian Autos Blog attended the inaugural event, which was conducted at the MMRDA Grounds at the Bandra Kurla Complex, where a specially designed off-roading course has been setup.

Before we get into it, here's a recap of the Safari Storme -

The Tata Safari Storme is powered by a 2.2 L VariCOR engine, turbocharged with VTT (Variable Turbine Technology), and churns out 140 PS of power and 320 Nm of Torque. The 0 to 100 kmph is reached in fewer than 15 sec. Compared to the previous Safari, the Storme is more refined and has better NVH level and gets an all new interior. While the exterior too receives changes, the overall profile is still the same as the old model.

Tata Safari Storme at the Xtreme Drive

The Safari Storme also features ESOF (electronic shift-on-fly) technology, enabling engagement of the 4x4 or 4X2 mode, on the move. Tata Motors claims fuel efficiency of 14kmpl in the 4x2 variant and 13.2kmpl in the 4x4 variant. You can get the SUV in six colours (Urban Bronze, Pearl White, Sardinia Red, Pearl Champagne, Astern Black and Arctic Silver). The Safari Storme starts with a  price of Rs 10.24 lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai).

Tata Motors Xtreme Drive is made up of the following off-roading elements:

Sea-Saw: You tackle this by driving on to the sea-saw from one end, slowly inch forward until it levels out and then make your way on to the ground and move on to the next obstacle.

SeaSaw activity
Sea-Saw activity

This challenge gives you the feeling of climbing an inclined path and suddenly descending down.

Terra Pod: This activity is split into two parts. In the first part the Safari Storme is made to ascend and descend a 45 degree incline. All you need to do is ensure that the tires are in the right position, shift into the first gear, release the clutch and concentrate on keeping the steering wheel steady.

Terrapod side
Terrapod activity

The Storme climbs without the engine stalling or asking for more gas to power its wheels. While descending all you need to do is keep the tires planted on the track.

Terrapod climb activity
Terrapod climb activity

In the second part of the Terra Pod you drive across a 45 degree path which is inclined sideways. The feeling of being inside a tall SUV with high ground clearance makes you believe that you would hit the ground face first. However that didn't happen! The Safari Storme was able to clear this one with ease too.

Rumblers: Here the SUV has to make its way through logs placed in its path.

Rumblers activity
Rumblers activity

While this is not much of a task for the beast, you get to test the suspension setup over harsh roads.

Bumble Bee: This obstacle actually is a true test of the engineering for the Safari Storme and it is here where it shows its true colors.

BumbleBee activity
BumbleBee activity

While it looks like a very difficult mission to the viewers, during driving you do not notice anything unusual, not even when one front wheel and one rear wheel are in the air.

Dwindler: Here the Safari Storme is driven with two of its wheels on an inclined ramp, again an easy one for this 4X4 vehicle.

Dwindler activity
Dwindler activity

Drift: The best part of the whole event would be the drift. Ask the experienced drivers from Tata Motors and they will be more than happy to create a dust storm for you.

Drifting a Safari Storme at the Tata Xtreme Drive

While ‘Xtreme Drive’ is more of a marketing event rather than a full blown off road experience, you experience the power, stability, safety and driving experience of the Safari Storme, which a normal test drive cannot give you.

So if you are in Mumbai, go experience the Safari Storme at one of the ‘Xtreme Drive’.

Schedule for Xtreme Drive in Mumbai:



Bandra (MMRDA Grounds)

April 26 – April 28

Airoli Ground (Patni Centre)

May 4 – May 5

Nerul (Seawoods Ground)

May 11 – May 12

Vikhroli (Somaya Grounds)

May 18 – May 19

Borivali (Kora Kendra)

May 25 – May 26

Andheri (Chitrakoot Ground)

June 1 – June 2

Tata Safari Storme 'Xtreme Drive' Image Slideshow

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