Statiq Plans to Invest 40 Cr in EV Charging Infra in Residential Complexes

16/08/2022 - 14:30 | Electric vehicles,   | IAB Team

Statiq, India’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has plans to invest Rs. 40 crore in building EV charging infrastructure across residential projects.

Statiq Ev Charging Station In Delhi Ncr

According to the plans, they will offer free hardware installation as also free vehicular charging for the first year to residents of the complexes. Their plans are initially going to focus on the Delhi-NCR region followed by the metro cities and then extend to all Indian urban regions. Statiq’s aim with this plan is to boost EV charging facilities across the country at prime locations and reach the maximum number of EV users.

Each charging hub will be equipped by Statiq with two 7.7-kW type-2 connectors for the new-age 4W passenger vehicles and two 3.3-kW smart sockets to be used by all EVs. With this ambitious plan, the company is closing in on its grand plans to add over 20,000 new EV chargers to its network before the end of this year, and help more EV users to #StayCharged and commute stress-free.

Co-Founder and CEO, Statiq, Akshit Bansal says, “The majority of EV charging activity takes place at home. Most cities in India are densely populated and a majority of this population lives in residential colonies. And given the disparity between the demand and supply of electricity in cities, providing chargers everywhere isn't feasible. So, providing charging at residential colonies becomes a priority for Statiq as we get to cater to a captive consumer base. Our plan is to set up semi-fast chargers and incentivise them via free charging. In this way, not only are we giving people the convenience of charging at their residence and operating their EVs free-of-cost but we are also fostering a sense of confidence amongst residents to adopt more EVs due to the presence of a reliable charging infrastructure.”

As a company, Statiq wants to provide an end-to-end ecosystem for EV charging and assure everybody that a Statiq EV charging station will always be at hand. Working towards that aim, just recently Statiq has raised over Rs. 200 crore in a Series ‘A’ funding. They have teamed up with Hero Electric and also collaborated with EV maker Ather, to enhance the combined EV charging network in the northern states of India. The latest proposition is the next step on Statiq’s part to expedite this process further.

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