Scania Super: The Most Fuel-Efficient Truck

24/09/2023 - 16:42 | Featured,   | IAB Team

A Scania 420 R tractor with the Super-based powertrain introduced in 2021 scored a decisive victory in the fuel part of a renowned German comparison test for long-haul trucks, the European Truck Challenge. The delta down to the first runner-up on the average diesel consumption in the test was 4.9%, a very sub­stantial margin when it comes to comparison tests at this level.

Scania Super The Most Fuel Efficient Truck

• Scania Super was 4.9% more fuel-efficient than the first runner-up
• The Super-based powertrain and the recently updated Cruise Control with Active Prediction system were crucial to the victory

This year, the ETC comparison test focused on long-haul tractors with up to 450 hp and torque in the range of 2,200 to 2,400 Nm. All the major manufacturers in Europe were invited to participate in the German test, which took place on roads south of Hanover at the end of May.

But in the end it was three brands who put their trucks on the starting line: Scania, DAF and Mercedes. Scania chose to enter a 420 R long-haul tractor with a sleeper cab. Despite having the least horsepower in the field, the Scania was sport¬ing the highest torque with its 2,300 Nm. The average gross train weight of the truck and trailer combinations in the test was 33.6 tonnes.

The prize for the most fuel-efficient truck was awarded to Scania by Truck and Trailer Welt at a prize ceremony held in conjunction with the big NUFAM fair in Karlsruhe, Germany. Dutch truck manu¬facturer DAF received the “Drivers’ Choice” award for their XF 450 truck.

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