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In this latest post of the weekly Advise section, we're dealing with a topic which many of us need to pay attention to. While driving, we have to be conscious of the responsibilities we have.

The topic of driving attitude is explained today. We take a look at the basic stuff one must remember before heading out on to the road. We guarantee you that emissions, fuel economy and savings are in their best possible position if you follow these tips.

Think money, Think fuel economy
Try to think about fuel economy before starting out for plenty of reasons. If you don't take any action, you won't do any good to the global oil prices (drops make an ocean, agree?).

You could rev it hard, drive like a maniac and waste fuel but on the other hand you are waiting for the crude oil prices to stabilize and keep you and your car on the road. Now how will that be possible? Every driver needs to drive responsibly to get maximum benefit from the money he invests on the car in the form of fuel.

Upset? It isn't a good idea to let it out on the car
Avoid driving when you are angry or upset. This promotes road rage and regretful incidents. In the same way, you tend to drive faster when angry or upset and you drive with lesser attention. Even a minor accident may cause damage to your car which would lead to costly repairs. It's your car. Take good care of it!

Public transport makes more sense than you think
Use public transportation whenever possible. This is actually the best way to save fuel and a whole of trouble. In a public transport, someone else drives, thereby reducing your work. You could take your ipod along and listen to your favorite tracks to beat boredom. If its short city commutes, there is nothing to beat public transport. You have to experience it to know about it.

Before you start
Basic checks were explained completely in the previous article. These are some of the compulsory checks that you need to perform before starting out on a journey. Check the tire pressure visually and even during driving, if you sense that there is a slightly lesser pressure in any of the tires, inflate them to the specified level at once. Check fuel level before starting. A vehicle stalling due to lack of fuel is punishable by law in certain countries. It might also lead to No.2 in this list. Once you have started moving, accelerate smoothly to save fuel and check whether the temperature gauge is pointing to the correct reading.

When you have reached point B
When parking the vehicle, use the first available area. This saves time and fuel. Try and finish all your shopping in one single trip. And finally when the shopping is done and you get back to your car, do not start the engine and unload the boot with the purchased items. Always start the car only when you are set to go.

Useful or not? Would you like to add to this? Why not use the comment box below :)

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