IAB Advice - Replacing a car's Fuel Filter

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Replacing a Cars Fuel Filter

The fuel filter of a car is one of the most critical components of a car's fuel system. It has to ensure that the car's engine is supplied with clean fuel, in order for it run optimally and deliver good performance and fuel efficiency. The fuel filter has to ensure that the dirt and contaminants present in the fuel or the fuel tank of the vehicle are separated from the fuel, before it is supplied to the engine for combustion.

The fuel filter of a car while working hard to ensure that the engine is supplied with clean fuel every time can get jammed or clogged due to the dirt and contaminants which it separates from the fuel. When this happens, it is time to replace the old fuel filter with a new one.

Replacing a car's fuel filter is an easy to carry out operation, that is if you how to do it. Here's how it should be done:

* First and foremost, the replacing of a car's fuel filter should only be carried out when the car's engine is cold.

* Place an old cloth underneath the fuel filter to trap fuel that may spill as you remove it.

* Release the clamps which hold the fuel filter in position with the help of pliers or a screwdriver

* Detach the fuel lines which connect the fuel filter to the fuel tank and the fuel pump.

* Safely discard the old fuel filter.

* Every fuel filter is marked with an arrow that shows the direction of fuel flow.  The arrow should be aligned with the direction in which the fuel flows from the fuel filter to the fuel pump.

* Re-attach the fuel lines back onto the fuel filter and secure it in its position by locking the clamps that hold it in place.

* Start the car's engine and check to see whether there is any leak from the fuel filter or from the fuel lines. If there is a fuel leak, check the fuel lines and make sure that they have been properly connected to the fuel filter.

Source - Motorward

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