Renault Triber - Top 10 key features explained

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In the past, with the offerings like, Duster and Kwid, Renault indeed has shown that how much serious it is for the Indian car market. And now, Renault finally has pulled off the wraps from another all-new model for India – the Triber. The Renault Triber is second only to Datsun GO+ in the sub-four metre sub-compact MPV, which makes it quite a unique vehicle to start with. The following are the top ten key features which make it quite a special model from the customer's perspective:-

Renault Triber Left Side

1. 100+ seating configurations

Compared to compact sedans with fixed seating arrangement and hatchbacks with few seating configurations which can be counted on fingers, the Renault Triber manages to carve a niche for itself by offering a whopping 100+ seating configurations. All the three rows of seats in the Renault Triber can be adjusted in a number of ways as per the arrangement.

Renault Triber Second Row Seats

The front row of seats can be altered with horizontal and recline movements. However, it is the second row of seats which can be played with a number of ways. It comes with a 60:40 arrangement which offers sliding, reclining, folding and tilting functions either individually or together. In addition, the third row of seats are being offered with a 50:50 arrangement and they can either be folded or removed altogether. Renault has made the rear doors large and flexible enough to give it an opening angle of 74 degrees, which offer a good ingress and egress for a vehicle of its size and dimensions.

2. Best-in-class roominess

Sub-four metre models, especially sedans and SUVs, usually suffer from the compromise in space levels. When it comes to three-row MPVs, the challenge increases to an even greater extent. However, the engineers at Renault should be given a special applause for the way they have cleverly optimised the space inside the Triber.

Renault Triber Boot

The Renault Triber offers the best-in-class front seat couple distance (710 mm), second-row legroom (up to 200 mm) and third-row legroom (91 mm). In addition to this, the individual third-row seats provide a best-in-class roof height of 834 mm and can accommodate tall passengers as well. And finally, rounding off the card of comfort and convenience is the presence of air conditioning vents and charging sockets for passengers in all the three rows.

3. Best-in-class infotainment system

When the Renault Kwid arrived on the block for the very first time, it completely revolutionised the entry-level hatchback segment by offering a touchscreen infotainment system, which was offered only in pricier cars till then. This time around, the Renault Triber has upped the ante by offering a slightly bigger and more advanced system.

Renault Triber Infotainment System

The Renault Triber is fitted with a 20.3cm (8-inch) touchscreen infotainment system, which offers a crisper display and better touch sensitivity. Like the Renault Kwid's unit, it has Apple Carplay and Android Auto support.

4. Techy instrument panel

The Renault Triber has features a 3.5 inch LCD instrument cluster framed by three virtual gauges for tachometer, fuel level and engine temperature. This is not something you'll find in the Datsun GO+.

Renault Triber Instrument Panel

5. Projector headlamps with daytime running LEDs

The era of basic halogen headlamps is gradually becoming a thing of past now, for even budget hatchbacks and sedans are fitted with a ser of projector headlamps and daytime running LEDs.

Renault Triber Bonnet

Going with the norm, the Renault Triber too has been equipped with this combination, making it the most affordable MPV in India right now to feature both halogen projector headlamps and daytime running LEDs.

6. Best-in-class storage compartments

Apart from the seating configurations, another aspect which makes an MPV the most practical set of wheels is the number and volume of small storage compartments. The Renault Triber shows no dearth of such storage possibilities, for it has been equipped with two small glove boxes on the left side of the dashboard one over the other, with the lower one offering cooling feature as well.

Renault Triber Glovebox

In addition, there is another refrigerated central storage area as well as cup holders, which are accessible to passengers on both first and second seats. And then, accounting the other small storage spaces like in door pads and additional cup holders, there is a total of 31 litres of storage space inside the Renault Triber.

7. Best-in-class boot space

For a sub-four metre seven-seater, offering a decent boot space was one of the biggest challenges for Renault in case of the Triber. However, Renault has tried its best to excel in this department as well.

Renault Triber Boot

With the third row of seats up, the Renault Triber’s boot space counts at just 84 litres. However, fold one of the two seats in the third row, and the boot space rises to 320 litres. And finally, when the third row of seats are completely folded down, with which the Renault Triber turns into a 5-seater vehicle, the boot space shoots up to 625 litres, which is quite humongous for a sub four metre vehicle. Lastly, the large roof rails have the capacity to carry loads of up to 50 kg.

8. Passive keyless entry with engine start/stop button

While many of the entry-level four-wheelers are now equipped with the luxury of keyless entry with push button start and stop, the Renault Triber is the only model in its segment to get this feature.

Renault Triber Dashboard Driver Side

This compact MPV uses the same smart access card for the keyless entry as the Renault Captur. An auto lock function which locks the car when the driver walks away from the car.

8. Second and third-row air vents

All the MPVs in the Indian market usually do get independent AC vents for all their three rows of seats, and the Renault Triber, despite being an entry-level model, manages to follow the tradition.

Renault Triber Vertical Air Vent

In addition to the dashboard-mounted AC vents for the front row, the Renault Triber has pillar mounted vents for the second row and roof-mounted vents for the third row.

10. Four airbags

Renault Triber Airbags

Dual airbags are standard in the Renault Triber, but on choosing the range-topping configuration, side airbags are also included. The Renault Triber is second only to the Ford Figo in its price band to offer more than two airbags.

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The Renault Triber's prices range from INR 4.95-6.49 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Go to our launch story to know more about it.

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