Qualcomm Introduces World’s First Wi-Fi 7 for Automotive

21/02/2024 - 18:30 | Technologies,   | IAB Team

In an era where vehicles are transitioning towards software-defined vehicle (SDV) architectures, connectivity has emerged as the indispensable backbone facilitating this transformation. The Snapdragon Auto Connectivity platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of connectivity solutions, including Cellular 5G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, C-V2X and precise positioning technologies, designed to provide a seamless in-vehicle connectivity experience. The increasing importance of next generation applications and in-vehicle experiences is driving the need for greater capacity, higher data rates and more robust wireless connections.

Qualcomm Wi Fi 7 For Automotive

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is extending its connectivity leadership by unveiling the latest addition to its Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform, Qualcomm QCA6797AQ, the industry’s first Automotive Grade Wi-Fi 7 Access Point solution. Let’s explore how Wi-Fi 7 will transform experiences in next generation vehicles.

Meeting the demand for advanced in-vehicle experiences and applications

Vehicles are becoming personalized, connected spaces, accommodating advanced infotainment systems and augmented reality dashboards. The increasing prevalence of immersive in-vehicle experiences is driving the rise of next-generation applications and interactive entertainment. Wi-Fi 7 emerges as a transformative force, addressing the connectivity needs essential for these sophisticated in-vehicle experiences and cutting-edge applications.

Improved link-reliability and lower latency

With support for HBS MLMR, Wi-Fi 7 significantly improves connection reliability, virtually eliminating any dropped connections due to external interference. By operating simultaneously on 5GHz and 6GHz channels, Wi-Fi 7 continuously selects the best available channel for communicating to each device in the vehicle. This results in more reliable connections for uninterrupted data transfers and lower latencies. Movie streaming, gaming and other latency-sensitive applications run smoother and with less lag or dropped connections in the face of interference from toll booths, congested intersections and fixed wireless links.

Qualcomm Wi Fi 7 For Automotive Features

Greater capacity and faster connectivity

Wi-Fi 7 offers significantly increased capacity enabled through 6GHz spectrum, which allows for 320 MHz channels. Coupled with 4K QAM , Wi-Fi 7 can achieve peak throughputs of up to 5.8 Gbps, allowing vehicles to download High-Definition Maps even faster. In addition, Adaptive Puncturing allows the use of wider channels even when part of the channel is unavailable, leading to more efficient use of spectrum. As consumers use an increasing number of Wi-Fi devices in vehicles, Wi-Fi 7 brings increased capacity, higher data rates and lower latencies, enabling a new era of in-vehicle experiences.

Transforming automotive through connected services

As vehicles increasingly integrate connectivity, automakers and fleet service providers find themselves presented with new opportunities to provide connected services. These services not only create ongoing sources of revenue, but also redefine business models and change the dynamics of how automakers engage with vehicle owners. Software updates can be delivered to the vehicle significantly faster with Wi-Fi 7. Automakers can efficiently offload vehicle data at dealerships, charging stations or retail outlets. Rental companies can provide enhanced features and user experiences for limited durations as a premium feature. The seamless connectivity facilitated by the Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform and Car-to-Cloud allows automakers and fleet providers to maintain direct connections with consumers beyond the initial point of sale.

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